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Jul. 21st, 2008

Shallow Graves Magazine

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Shallow Graves Magazine

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Premier Issue contains interviews from Eyecon and Asylum (including Jared Padalecki at Eyecon)

Dec. 3rd, 2007

by: <lj user ="carmendove"> daddy's litt

Pictures from Chicago Creation Con of me with Jensen, Jared, Sam Ferris and Nicky Brendon

I've decided to post the pictures I got taken of me with Jensen, Jared, Samantha Ferris and Nicky Brendon. Once I have a chance to scan them I'll get my autographs uploaded too. I've 'tried' to resize these pictures (I actually did resize them in photobucket but for some reason only Jensen's photo link seems to have resized the image *sigh*) But here they are anyway. LOL

Me with Jensen (he was SO tired - we both were actually - 3hrs of sleep lol and rumor has it Danneel was in the room watching the photo shoot but I didn't notice)
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Me with Jared (he was tired too of course but he didn't seem nearly as tired as Jensen and such a doll - they both were adorable)
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Me with Sam Ferris (she was absolutely amazing. So sweet and down to earth. I just adored her)
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Me with Nicky Brendon (he was just so sweet and adorable very much like his alter ego Xander Harris' lol)
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